Mentoring Youth Through Dance 


Together we WORK. Together we WIN.

While the parade team (HoneyBees) is a "walk-on" squad, meaning that the only requirement for joining is a basic registration process, dancers that desire to compete on BusyBodies competition teams are required to tryout. Placement on the team is not guaranteed.  Candidates meet basic criteria and pay tryout fees in which 100% of proceeds benefits items needed for successful tryouts  (i.e. sports drinks and credentialed choreographers).  At tryouts, the goal is not perfection, but POTENTIAL. 

Tryout Tips


Tryout attire: solid black dancewear, jazz shoes, hair out of face and off of neck 

JUN 10


QueenBee All Stars

QBAS is a team of 4th-12th graders, though this Summer tryout is ONLY for 8th-12th graders.  Candidates must attend the workshop at 1-4pm, with judging beginning at 4pm.  Bring a copy of your latest school report card and $20.  Dance studio experience is strongly preferred, but it’s not required.  Dance mom MUST be financially stable with a flexible schedule and reliable transportation.   Note: QueenBees tryout annually in the Winter.


Tryout Fee 

Pay Fee 




YellowJacket Elites

YJE is a K-3 battle squad. They compete in the "baby" division, but these young ladies are NOT babies. They'll battle ANYBODY. ANYWHERE. ANYTIME! Do NOT attempt tryouts if you aren't packing this level of confidence.  All candidates will have 3+ months regular attendance at BusyBodies, academic achievement, good school conduct, and timely tuition payments for a mimimum of 3 months.  Note: YellowJackets MUST tryout annually.



Tryout Fee 

Pay Fee